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We love to kite fully protected from the sun, there is a time to get tanned, and a time to kite, and we know when is when. We make only long sleeve lycras to avoid weird tan line. All our lycras are designed differently for Male and Female, to fit perfectly our different bodies. e..

  • Available in Black and White
  • Different Sizes, from kids to XXL!
  • For the hardcore kitesurfers (for everyone actually)

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Our classic Sick Dog Team Rider Lycra, made for our man and woman kitesurfers, when the sun is too strong and when it is too warm for a neoprene. Our lycras are perfect also to protect your body from the friction of the harnesses, we never reccomend to go playboy style and kite with no shirt on. Really, not cool. And don’t forget that our lycra are tight, so we recommend you choose a size more than your regular one. This is the design for Female, with less wide shoulder and smaller waist.

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Black, White


Kids, XX Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

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