SICK DOG Surfboards powered by Zumax is a good example of what we want to do. Max is a russian surf shaper based in S. Petersburg, he started making boards several years ago and i’m myself a proud owner of a Zumax board. He is now available for making Sick Dog surf boards, always making sure that the Zumax quality is there. The good think about a Zumax board, is that you can have it exactly as you like.


Noy is a Dutch social worker that fall in love with Cabo Verde. She started started an internship in Sal’s prison in 2015 in Cape Verdian prison, and saw the possibility of doing something good for Sal society. That’s how the project Handmade in prison started (www.handmadeinprison.com) – she started selling products that the prisoners themselves make in prison. This way the prisoners can have a very decent income to support their families on the outside, and can keep a positive mentality and focus even in such hard circumstances.

When I visited Sal in 2020, I met Noy and I realized that it would be fun if her products would find their way also outside Cape Verde – that’s why we decided to collaborate. If you want one of Sick Dog Wallet powered by Handmade in Prison, just contact us at info@sickdogsurf.com.